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CK Architectural offers a wide range of business solutions for commercial architectural needs that can be implemented to any scale required with the utmost expertise, efficiency and success.

We have a wide range of commercial architectural solutions that we provide across the entire Lincolnshire region, including commercial services in Lincoln, Grimsby and Scunthorpe.

All of our commercial architectural projects begin with us creating a clear brief with our clients to determine every aspect in which we’re able to help create the perfect project and to tailor the services we have on offer to provide the highest value possible.

We can take your project from feasibility and concept design to planning and building regulations approved drawings ready for tender and finally a precisely managed construction project. We are always improving our knowledge of building processes tackling sustainability and energy conservation strategies.

If you need additional information about commercial architectural design, contact us today and we will provide you with all the necessary information.

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Designing and planning

Designs and planning are often the first part of the commercial architectural service. We work with you to explore the options that you have available to you using the information you have, as well as what you may need and the overall requirements of the project.

From there, we’re able to tailor designs that fit your every need, creating solutions to maximise profits, minimise the costs of the project, and ultimately help to create a perfectly designed, futureproof project that’s perfect for the business you’re conducting and your operating layout.

Structural engineering

With larger projects like commercial designs, we’re also able to provide you with structural engineering services too. That allows us to work with specialists in making sure your project is viable and ready to pass all necessary inspections and certifications to be able to operate in the way you require.

That also means that we’re able to run through various materials choices and costing with you to ensure you have a full scope of the choices that are available to you, and ultimately can create the best structure within your budget.

3D visualisation

Following on from the intricate design elements, we’re also able to utilise the most current and up to date, state of the art 3D visualisation tools on the market too. This is the perfect way to get a clearer picture of what your project will truly entail.

Whether you’re using this information to make finalised decisions, or even to present to stakeholders in the business or as a part of marketing tools, we’re able to provide the imaging you’ll need.

Project management

Finally, CK Architectural also offer complete project management on any commercial project in the Lincolnshire area too. That means we’re on hand to utilise our years of architectural experience to find you the most suited builder for the project at hand, as well as ensuring the highest possible build quality, minimising any money wasted on miscommunication, long delays or any other bump in the road.

We work with you at every step of the way to provide the best service possible, visiting you and the site regularly to make sure that everything is taking place and up to our standards as well as your own, without having to do any guesswork or leaving you waiting for communication.


Create a stronger organisation with our industrial standard architectural service, perfect for creating warehousing, offices and any other functional premise.


Create a retail space to truly maximise your business potential, thanks to stunning designs, pre planned efficiencies, and long-term profit maximisation.

Building developments

Build the most efficient building or housing development possible with our complete architectural team on hand to help with every step of the process.

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