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Appointing CK Architectural to assist with your new house or self-build designs.

If you’re looking into new build or self-build houses in the Lincolnshire area, the CK Architectural team can design yours alongside you, working with you at every turn to create the perfect property for your needs.

Whether you’re looking to build the perfect home that you help mould or you’re a seasoned developer looking for multiple properties design to work with specific budgets and saleability, we have the expertise and skills you need.

We guarantee to offer you the best advice right from the start, with a team of local professionals and a national network of expertise at your service.  We will face all the challenges a new site brings and along with meeting your own needs, we will also work in line with what the local planning department allows within their local and strategic plans.

We provide comprehensive advice before any commitment

Project brief

We work with the local planning authority for a minimal fee to create a comprehensive feasibility report to outline your project potential and then proceed through the design journey with you. That means working on a project brief, finding out exactly what you will require to get the best living standard from your site and budget, and creating the perfect designs to match.

Feasibility study

CK Architectural won’t ask for large fees to undertake a basic feasibility study for your self-build or new build project. We want to ensure all limitations are explored, and we will look at the site and planning history to determine its past and explore the surrounding areas to get as much information as we can to save time and money.

When this is completed, we can supply you with the right information before going any further.

Pre-planning application advice

When you are happy with the feasibility report, we will then move forward and produce a concept design. This will be based around the Project Brief and in line with the Feasibility Study.

Again, at this stage in the process, we want to keep you fully informed of what you can achieve for the budget and space you have available.

Once you are happy with the outline design, we can submit a pre-application on your behalf to the local authority planning department where we will then gain a full list of reasons for and against developing on the site.  Also, at this stage, we will receive a full list of requirements and or restrictions so that we can submit your full planning application.

As our working relationship with the councils across Lincolnshire is going from strength to strength, we always receive a positive service from them.

From basic design to full project management,  you can tailor your service to you

Full planning applications

When the positive pre-application list is received, we can then develop your design with you. All necessary requirements will be considered from plot size down to the lighting and parking.  Your new build or self-build home(s) can then be designed with detailing that ensures you reach the maximum potential for both value and environment.

Once the design is approved, we will then take care of any 3rd party requirements (heritage, design access etc.) before we submit the application.   CK Architectural will work with you and your planning officers throughout the whole process and take care of any amendments needed for you to gain approval.

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