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Our building & construction project management service is quickly becoming highly sought after with our clients who simply wish for an experienced professional to take control and run the project on their behalf.

After your design work comes to a close, the project is then ready to be built, and this is where CK Architectural’s building project management service across Lincolnshire comes into play.

Whether you’re working on an extension, loft conversion, new build home, or even a commercial project, project management has a huge host of benefits to make your build as efficient and high quality as possible without excess wastage resulting from miscommunication, disagreements or mistakes.

We find that a lot of clients view new building work as daunting and disruptive to their lives.  With our building project management, we help to minimise these concerns through applying an organised system which will ensure all the required processes and targets are achieved.

It is an ideal solution for clients looking to save time, utilise our years of experience and look out for their best interest at all times, all for a low fee to get the whole job done.

We provide comprehensive advice before any commitment

The main goals of project management are controlling and organising

  • Programme
  • Cost
  • Payment control
  • Build quality
  • Ensure required compliances

We will define the scope of the project in collaboration with you to identify sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project and then create a detailed work plan. We will then determine the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project and develop a schedule for completion that effectively allocates resources and activities. A review of the project schedule will be conducted with you and the contractors and the schedule revised as required. The objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion will also be determined.

We can oversee the project from beginning to end, taking away the headache of finding a trusted builder and making sure they stay on time, on design and on budget. You will be regularly updated of the progress and costings, working with us rather than the builder so nothing is left to interpretation, and we will control who gets paid after checking agreed stages and standards have been reached.

Project being built

Construction drawings

We create construction drawings where needed on top of the other drawings we have on offer prior to the build. These include further specifications for the build where required including fixtures and fittings, and any other details required for the builder to work from. This is also a useful time to include anything you would like excluded from the build so that you can do the work yourself or use other services you prefer.

Schedule of works

To move the build forward with the utmost efficiency, a schedule of work for your specific project can then also be created too. That means we you have a clear timeline of what should be happening and when, and this helps to avoid rushing or delays and makes sure everything is done adequately and to the correct standard.

From basic design to full project management,  you can tailor your service to you


In addition to the drawings, our project management services also mean you’re able to utilise our services in selecting your builders, too. We’ll work with you to find the perfect match for your build, making sure you’re avoiding potentially poor workmanship and that you also have access to our own recommended builders that we’ve worked with in the past.

Contract administration

Selecting the right builder for the job is only half of the battle. To make sure that your project goes exactly as it should and to keep everything above board, we’re also able to administer the building contract too. That provides both you and the builder with contractual safety to ensure certain criteria are met, and the conditions of the build are outlined too, such as exclusion zones at certain times and the facilities the builders are to have access to.

Person administering contracts
Person looking at plans

Site inspections

Finally, we have site inspections to offer throughout your build too. This is where we’ll visit your site fortnightly to ensure everything is running smoothly and to check for build quality and progress against the contracts and schedule of works. This is also the perfect time for us to mediate any concerns you might have or to convey anything else you’d like presented to the builder professionally and clearly.

The complete building project management role is ensuring your property is handed back to you and is ready for use. To ensure the build is complete, we coordinate the handover process checking all the statutory requirements have been fulfilled and signed-off, check receipt of all required test certificates, inspect the build to make sure it is as per the drawings and specifications, and, if not, issue a snagging list which identify the items be rectified. As part of the contractual process, we set up a defects period to follow the handover. This allows the final stage payment to the builder to be made 3 months after the build is complete (default 3 months in the JCT Home Owner Contract) and is not paid until all defects during this period are rectified and signed off.

Project Management can bring many benefits to your build which include saving you time, stress and money. We can achieve this as we bring to the project:

  • Our expertise and experience
  • Become a single point of contact for the build.
  • Improve the efficiency of the project
  • Ensure good communication throughout the project
  • Control costs, programme and quality.

Our fee for project management is based upon time during the project but as guidance it is approximately 5% of the build cost.

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