Single Storey House Extensions in Lincolnshire

Whether you’re looking for kitchen extensions, living room extensions, side extensions, rear extensions, or front extensions, CK architectural can help across the whole of Lincoln & Lincolnshire with any type of house extension.

Single storey house extension in Sheffield

Single storey house extensions are an incredible way to bring new space to your home in modern, efficient and practical ways, and the CK team provide these house extensions in Lincoln, Grimsby, Scunthorpe, and the rest of Lincolnshire too.

Our decades of experience in the architectural industry has helped up to design countless house extensions of every design possible, from rear and side extensions to create modern kitchens, open planning dining rooms, sun rooms and utility spaces through to front extensions ideal for living rooms setting and feature rooms.

We work with you to create the perfect design using your ideas and creative vision alongside our own, and present you with the options you have to bring the perfect extension to life.

With a vast array of building techniques readily available, we can ensure that the finished build not only works for your needs but looks stunning simultaneously through our designs and project management.

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Single storey house extension design considerations

Before starting a project like a house extension, there are certain things to consider. Every design needs to be drawn around what you want to achieve, how best to get it, limitations of planning and building regulations, and any potential complication of the build and of course the build cost. Other important things to consider among many are drainage, roof styles, trees, boundaries, access, external impact and natural lighting.

Site checks should be carried out on shared boundaries, party walls, mains sewers and if your property is in a listed building or in a conservation area. To help us give you the best options, we will go into detail with you as to why you want to build, and then how to do it. It is advisable at that point to give us a rough budget to design to, as the last thing we want is to produce a design you love but can’t afford.

  • Affordability
  • Planning Constraints
  • Buildability
  • Lighting
  • Neighbours
  • Visual Impact

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Finalising your home extension design

The best design always incorporates a range of different factors that make a big difference when the extension is built. Asking questions like how the size and shape integrate with the existing living spaces is a key example of this. By working with the existing structure and style of your home, it’s much easier to create a well fitted and practical addition to the home, without wasting any space or creating any negative side effects like shadowing or adding a corridor effect.

Once the layout has been determined around the practical uses and room plan has been established (televisions, furniture, fittings etc.), then we can look at external doors, lighting, roofing finishes, and other finishing touches that can really make the extension feel whole.

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Single storey extension planning permission

In most cases, a single storey can be done under permitted development, and that means it does not need a homeowner planning permission application. Even larger rear single storey extensions over the permitted development measurements can be done on a prior approval application. This is basically a planning application that’s deemed approved.

The council will send notice to any neighbours that share a boundary, and if no reasonable objections are raised, it is deemed approved.

If you do need planning permission for your house extension, there will be an 8 week period where all documents are submitted to the council.

With CK Architectural, our design consultants will advise what type of application is needed and the likelihood of approval with you first. We will check the design against the planning guidance such as overdevelopment, impact on the street scene, right of light, overshadowing, loss of amenity and outlook, massing/dominance, loss of privacy, among other things, and work to ensure the highest possible chance of success.

Building regulations for house extensions

Most alterations to your home will require a building certificate from a building control body, and either local authority or private building inspectors can be hired to do this for you. Once the design and planning have been approved, you will then need a detailed set of drawings to show the specification. This demonstrates the new extension can and will be built in accordance with the building regulations approved documents.

These building regulations drawings will then be submitted for a full plans check, amended by us if necessary, and once approved, they will be the standard that is built to and inspected against. Our plans will include all the necessary detail such as structure, the passage of sound, disabled access, drainage, resistance to moisture, collision, impact, heat loss, ventilation, light, emergency escape and much more.

These drawings will be used when the building control officer inspects the build to ensure the builder is carrying out the works correctly.

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Building your home extension

Once you have your detailed drawings approved, the final stage of building your house extension is to get build quotes. We advise that any quotation you consider is written up clearly and well detailed. Both you and your builder need to know exactly what is included in the price, or disagreements will probably occur at the end of the project in most cases due to unclarity. We have extensive on-site knowledge and work in detail so we are able to advise where we think areas need exploring or issues may arise.

We advise that you use our drawings, in line with the quotation and any additional information we don’t provide such as plumbing and electrics, to agree in detail before the first fix goes in. It will be costly amending things once the initial preparation has been built, but we offer help throughout for both you and the builder, and can come to site if help is required.

Alternatively, if you’d like CK Architectural to handle your project for you, we do also provide a highly effective project management service too, where we’ll work with you in selecting builders, mediate all communications, inspect their progress regularly and hold the builders accountable to all necessary work even once completed, too.

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